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Celebrate Day of the Dead with the New Disney●Pixar Movie Coco!

The new Disney●Pixar film Coco offers educators a chance to introduce Mexican culture and Mexican music into their classrooms and engage students with the film as well. The movie’s central theme is the “Day of the Dead” (Dia de Los Muertos) which is a traditional celebration in Mexico and now has become very popular in the United States to honor our ancestors who have passed. The theme song for the movie is “Remember Me,” which is theme of the “Day of the Dead” celebration: to remember the people who passed and remember their great lives.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip

On June 27th, we received a letter from our North Central Washington Congressman Dave Reichert inviting our advanced group Mariachi Huenachi to perform for members of Congress, the staff, visitors from across the nation, and the world at the U.S. Capital for National Hispanic Heritage Month. During Hispanic Heritage Month—which is celebrated September 15 through October 15 each year—U.S. members of Congress honor the generations of Hispanic Americans who have enriched our nation and recognize their many economic and cultural contributions to our society.

Mariachi Huenachi on Capitol Hill

Tuesday, October 11th, is a day I will never forget. This was the day my students, my principal, and my parents went to Washington, D.C. I met with my principal the day before to make sure everything was set; he told me that he was going to do something special for the WHS Mariachi program. Mr. Anderson, the Wenatchee High School principal, told me, “I will have all students and all staff be dismissed at 2:55 and be in the hallway on Tuesday. The Wenatchee High School marching band and the cheerleaders will lead Mariachi Huenachi to the bus for Washington, D.C.”